Monthly Speaker Meeting

“Talk Talk Pass”, hosts a Speaker Meeting on the last Saturday of each month, 7:30pm, at Olympic View Community Church.

The entire meeting is dedicated to one person’s incredible story. It is recorded and made available on CDs free at all the meetings.

Weekly Frisbee Disc Golf

What: Frisbee disk golf with a substance-free/clean-and-sober/recovery friendly (however you want to say it) crew.  We are also trying for being very inclusive and non-competitive.

Where: Mineral Springs Disk golf course, 1500 N 105th St., Seattle WA 98155

When:  Every other Sunday @ 1:00 PM, and weekends when we don’t toss on Sunday, every other Saturday @ 8:45 AM. 

Contact person: Andy F, 206-225-0386, [email protected]

There is a “Meet Up” group.  If you join the meetup group, you can always access the latest schedule, suggest an alternate time/location or find out if we have canceled for any reason.  To join the meetup group go to: ask to join the group.


Q)      How can I play if I don’t have disks?

a.       I have enough for about 6 or so participants besides myself.
b.      Don’t let lack of disks be your dilemma.