The Time to Donate is NOW!

In February, when  Seattle was asked to step up to the challenge of hosting the 2018, we had faith it would be possible with the help of fellow MA members. Still, it will take more than just our own local fellowships to make this happen in this compressed timeline.  Working together, we can make this a convention to remember!

At the 2018 convention, you can look forward to the following:

  • The Cedarbrook Lodge is located less than five minutes from SeaTac International Airport – free shuttles are available from the airport and to light rail service for a quick excursion into downtown on your free time.
  • Situated on eleven lush acres, surrounded by a perimeter of seven additional areas of natural restored wetlands, there are opportunities peaceful nature walks and both indoor and outdoor meditation.
  • Rooms are  spacious and beautifully appointed, each offering a floor to ceiling view of the woodlands.
  • Fireplace communal living rooms are available day and night, replenished with both
  • Rooms is this spectacular lodge are priced comparably to that of other local (less personal) venues and will be booked quickly. Please watch for our registration link in the upcoming months to ensure your opportunity to immerse yourself in the convention setting.

Please take a moment to consider how your life has been impacted by MA and the privilege of spreading the word to the addict who still suffers. Making either a one time donation, or spread out your gift to monthly contribution will have a considerable impact on our ability to provide an unprecedented Seattle experience in a serene, environment entirely dedicated to our convention. All donations at/over $XX will qualify for our free registration raffle!

Thanking you in advance for your financial support of the 2008 convention!!